Sarah Al-Shareef

Sarah Al-Shareef

Sarah Al-Shareef

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Sarah Al-Shareef was a PhD student in Machine Intelligence for Natural Interfaces (MINI) group which is a subgroup of  Speech and Hearing (SpandH) group at Computer Science Department at the University of Sheffield, working on the Conversational Arabic Speech Recognition, supervised by Prof. Thomas Hain, funded by Umm Al-Qura University at Saudi Arabia where she is a lecturer at the College of Computer and Information Systems.

Before starting her PhD in 2009, Sarah completed her MSc. study in Advanced Computer Science in 2008 at the University of Sheffield Computer Science Department.

More information: Sarah’s homepage at DCS



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Sarah Al-Shareef; Thomas Hain: An Investigation in Speech Recognition for Colloquial Arabic. In: INTERSPEECH, 2011. (Type: Proceedings Article | )

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