MINI: Machine Intelligence for Natural Interfaces

The Machine Intelligence for Natural Interfaces (MINI) group is a research group in the Department of Computer Science in the University of Sheffield, UK, known for its world leading research groups in machine learning, natural language and speech processing. MINI is part of the Speech and Hearing (SPandH) group, connected to CATCH, and many other research groups in the University.

Our research focuses on intelligent speech and multi-modal interfaces to the next generation of intelligent systems that can interact with people in natural ways. These interfaces need not only be able to recognise events in a complex world, but also require capabilities to grasp meaning, and are capable to react in comprehensible form. Our work is interdisciplinary, combining fields of engineering, machine learning, linguistics, phonetics, vision, language understanding and artificial intelligence. The areas of application lie in media, mobile computing, health, knowledge organization, education, and more.

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