Speech Recognition Technology Internship Program

The LivePerson Centre for Speech and Language was established to conduct research into novel methods for speech recognition including end-to-end modelling, direct waveform modelling and new approaches to modelling of acoustics and language. The Centre, under the leadership of Thomas Hain, provides a vibrant and long term work environment within the University. The LivePerson Centre mission is to be a centre of excellence for research, scientific rigour and good collaboration, within the centre and with researchers and outside of the University. 

Interns can learn how advanced research is conducted in this field, get to know the foundations of the work, have the opportunity to contribute to publication of research papers, resources and software. We expect this to be valuable to those who think of building a career in this field and type of work.

Interns work in close collaboration with PhD students and post-doctoral researchers, and will be integrated in research group activities.  We expect them to contribute or be responsible for a 3+ month project, with opportunities for publications, or workshop/conference attendance.

Research Topics: 

We are looking for highly motivated students to join us and work on: 

  • Implementation and testing of new methods in machine learning (deep learning), speech and language technologies, in particular recognition and analytics processes.
  • Design and development of advanced software for GPU computing, grid computing and cloud applications.
  • Design and development of efficient web-based tools to enable research and engage with the wider community.

How To Apply to the Program

Due to current circumstances all work will be conducted partially at the LivePerson centre offices and partially working from home, in accordance with the University guidelines. 

Your application should contain a short statement of interest, your latest transcript, and your CV. 

There is no deadline for applications. Instead, applications will be assessed and interviews will be organised as soon as possible after the submission. Places will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

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