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Mauro Nicolao

Mauro Nicolao

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I am a research associate at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Sheffield.

My interests concern several aspects of speech analysis and modelling techniques. I am the main researcher in the homeService project of the NST network, which aims to use the state-of-the-art speech technologies to help people with disabilities to function their house (e.g. lamps, television, etc.). I worked in collaboration with ITSLanguage on a Computer Assistive Language Learning (CALL) project to evaluate learner’s speech proficiency and help him to improve his production.

I was awarded with a Masters degree in Telecommunication Engineering by University of Padova in 2005.
For the following four years, I joined the Italian National Council of Research (CNR) and I was involved in several projects: a) the development of an expressive speech synthesiser for the Italian language; b) a speech recogniser for Italian children speech; c) a preliminary project to develop a multilingual (Arabic, Italian, English) ASR in collaboration with Expert System Spa.
In 2010, I started to work as early-stage researcher at the University of Sheffield for 3 years funded by the Marie Curie European network SCALE.
During this time, I developed a computational model, named C2H. It consists of a reactive speech synthesiser able mimic the human speech modifications that happen when the communication is affected by environmental disturbance.

More information can be found at my personal website.



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