Hardik Sailor

Hardik Sailor

Hardik Sailor

Past Members, Researchers



Hardik B. Sailor; Thomas Hain: Multilingual Speech Recognition Using Language-Specific Phoneme Recognition as Auxiliary Task for Indian Languages. In: Meng, Helen; Xu, Bo; Zheng, Thomas Fang (Ed.): Interspeech 2020, 21st Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, Virtual Event, Shanghai, China, 25-29 October 2020, pp. 4756–4760, ISCA, 2020. (Type: Proceedings Article | Links)


Hardik B. Sailor; Salil Deena; Md Asif Jalal; Rasa Lileikyte; Thomas Hain: Unsupervised Adaptation of Acoustic Models for ASR Using Utterance-Level Embeddings from Squeeze and Excitation Networks. In: IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop, ASRU 2019, Singapore, December 14-18, 2019, pp. 980–987, IEEE, 2019. (Type: Proceedings Article | Links)

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