Chenhao Wu

Chenhao Wu

Chenhao Wu

Past Members, Research Students

I am currently doing part-time research and other part-time work as a teaching assistant at the University. In the past three years, I have done more than ten teaching assistant/facilitator jobs at the University. My PhD interest is in using the active learning method to improve acoustic models in automatic speech recognition systems. For this, I look into how to use statistical methods to make use of the most errorful data and selectively choose and correct the errorful data to improve the acoustic model’s performance. Apart from teaching and researching, most of my time is spent organising public engagement events and travelling. I have travelled about 30 countries across four continents of the world and I am have enjoyed experiencing a variety of culture and local people’s lives.

Academic history

2013-present – PhD Speech Technology (University of Sheffield, UK)
2012-2013 – MSc Advanced Computer Science (University of Sheffield, UK)
2006-2009 – BEng Electronic Engineer (University of Central Lancashire, UK)

Contact information

email: cwu11_AT_sheffield_DOT_ac_DOT_uk




Chenhao Wu; Raymond W. M. Ng; Oscar Saz; Thomas Hain: Analysing acoustic model changes for active learning in automatic speech recognition. In: International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing, IWSSIP 2017, Poznań, Poland, May 22-24, 2017, pp. 1–5, IEEE, 2017. (Type: Proceedings Article | Links)

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